Saro Velrajan

Delivery Head at Verizon Data Services

Alfred is a very sincere, committed and hardworking individual. He comes up with a lot of creative ideas / thoughts to simplify the user experience for our customers. He played a critical role in driving the UX initiatives in the consumer portfolio at Verizon. I wish Alfred all the best for a successful career.

December 27, 2017

chandan Chandan Kumar

Creative Designer
at Infosys

Alfred’s interest towards learning new things are always high. He is been an inspiring mentor for me in taking things forward with lot of confidence and self motivation. He is a quick learner and shares his findings to his team members on a regular basis.

August 15, 2014

 venkat Venkatesh Balasubramaniam
Principal – Experience Design at Infosys

Alfred can manage projects in any critical situation, well in understanding customer needs, capture and transform requirements into tangible format, articulated well to the large group, drive the session and bring into the agreement. He is always seen active and energetic among the group!

August 15, 2014,

siva Siva GK
Lead- Experience Design at Infosys

Alfee I can recommend as a person with great proficiency and deep experience of solutions. Alfee is a self motivated and wise person but also an inspiring perfectionist. Creative strategist with great interpersonal skills. Customer focused and honest team player. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Alfee is your go-to person!

July 11, 2014

prameela Prameela Jeppu
User Experience Architect – Goldman Sachs

I was reporting to Alfred directly for over a year and I can positively say that I have been fortunate to have Alfred as my reporting manager. As a person, Alfred is very approachable, a great listener, and a perfect mentor to have. I would work under his leadership any day..!!

June 29, 2014

rengarajan T.S. Rangarajan
Vice Chair, Society Chapters at IEEE India Council

I first came in contact with Alfred Devanesan (Alfee for friends) when we began work in the Web2.0 innovation labs of TCS. He came across as a person who takes keen and meticulous care to keep himself abreast on information technology with particular reference to Usability and User Interface (UI) design. Most software service organisations are dominated by engineers and developers whose appreciation for usability and user interface is particularly dim. It is similar to the age old difference of opinion between artists and scientists or architects and engineers. For the minority, aesthetics appreciating, Usability architect and UI designer it is a herculean task to deal with the majority software developers and engineers who have little patience for niceties. Alfee has an outgoing, sharing, caring and very helpful nature focussed on the task at hand which disarms people and makes them open up to collaborate and contribute to the task at hand. I learnt a lot of nuanced usability and UI aspects of web page design, themes, fonts and placements from Alfee when he helped review our collaborative workspace project.

July 27, 2012