Winner of the Designathon 2016 – iNautix

Unity together for UX is a Yearly UX meetup event by iNatutix.

I and my Verizon designers Prashanth and Rajesh participated this event. In the morning session there was an open challenge to team How to leverage the latest technologies to enhance the experience of the current tech savvy employees. So the it will become a win win situation for both employees as well as organisations.

  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Process to be followed – Design Thinking.
  • Interviewed an employee
  • Created a  persona
  • Created a user journey map – identified the pain points
  • Created a idea infographic to address each paint points with solutions
  • Created a paper prototype for mobile app + wearable gadget
  • 10 minutes presentation
  • moved to the second round
  • 3 minutes presentation
  • judges marks + live voting from participants
  • we grabbed the first price
Alfred Devanesan Samuel, UX Architect Verizon

Prize : 3000 rupees per head, Alfred Devanesan Samuel, UX Architect Verizon, Winner of iNautix 2016 Designathon

We learnt a lot from the 2 inspirational speaker

  1. Prahalad Kakkar
    Award winneing ad film director
  2. Ashley Blankette
    Head UX, BNY Mellon, Pittsburgh

Sunrise Interactive India Limited, Bangalore

Senior Web Designer
Jun 2000 – Dec 2002
Bangalore, India (Head office: CA, USA)

With this company I was working as a Senior Web Designer. Sunrise Interactive will do software development and web development. Head office was located in CA, USA

– Made complicated requirements to easy to use User Interfaces for US market
– Managed the requirement gathering, information architecture and visual design for several (25+) e-commerce portals for US market

Projects handled:


1. Paper Prototype
2. Excel Wire-frame
3. JPEG Mockups
4. HTML Prototypes
5. UI Reviews
6. Corporate Identities
7. Designed Attractive Online Contest

Mahamane IT & Services

Web Designer & Software Engineer
(1 year 1 month)Bangalore, India

  • Joined in Mahamane with the help of my M.C.A. classmates (Muthuraman & Ramachandran)
  • In Mahamane I contributed to the web design team and development team + Medical transcription team as a web designer
  • Redesigned the corporate website
  • Designed the User Interface of a Hospital Management Portal, which was the biggest heart foundation hospital in Bangalore
  • Designed corporate websites, corporate identities for small & medium scale companies.

Projects handled:
– Hospital Management System – Visual Basic Project


  1. Conceptual sketches
  2. Paper Prototype
  3. HTML Prototyping
  4. JPEG Mockups
  5. Corporate Identities

Tech Talk – Let us innovate

Department of Management Studies, School of Humanities, Sciences and Management, Periyar Maniammai University, Vallam, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu  organized  two day International Conference on “Creativity and Innovation for Business Sustainability” on 6th & 7th of November, 2014. 

I gave a tech talk on the topic “Let us innovate” on November 7th 204.

  1. What is innovation?
  2. Latest innovative products
  3. How to innovate?
  4. How to motivate the students to innovate?



The history of Tags – My view

Kitchen 2.0 (South Indian Kitchen)

Have you ever noticed how many silver vessels are used often in our kitchen? Very few will play their role in our day to day life. On top of it, some of the South Indian women had the chance to visit their mother’s house often … that’s it definitely they will get lots of thing to carry back to their house … when they are returning to their current put up.

Few weeks back I was in Madurai to attend a function. For the function almost 100 to 150 people were expected . For any South Indian Function lots of big size silver plates need to carry New Dresses, Apple, Banana, Coconut, Grapes, Pomegranates, Murukku, Athirasam, ladoo, jilebee, Oranges, and … The number of object you have to place in-front of the function audience differ from religion to religion … Some the women came to aunty’s house and asked for big silver plates ….

They came in to the house like a flash and with in a few minutes … they disappeared with big silver plates. I was wondering what happened … I asked my aunty, how she could manage to get the big silver plates that fast ….. She took me to the kitchen and showed the big boxes placed over the cupboards … Evey box had a piece of paper sicked on it. The paper was a complete list of what are all the thing they placed in side the box ….

We could compare this with our  tagging concept (tag cloud) …. we are using tagging to find the relevant post or information by giving them some important words as tags … it not only applicable for silver vessels … the object which are going to occupy the boxes may in different size, color, value … but if we tagged it properly … it would be of a great help … when we are looking for the things in a hurry ….

I got few interesting  information from my friends and my earlier Tamil book (literature) readings – after the marriage, the girls side parents will send a  lot of small vessels kept inside a bigger vessel with the markings of those items. 2000 years ago itself these tagging was used by our ancestors.

The main advantages of using minimum vessels

  • If you have large number of vessel in the cooking area ,,, you feel easy to use them … but when it come to cleaning definitely it took a long time to clean them …
  • If you have large number of vessel in the cooking area … your kitchen won’t look nice and clean …
  • Definitely you will be saving the water when you use minimum number of vessels

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