I was a Jury member for ‘Skillathon’ – an event from the Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore

Happy to announce that I was a Jury member for ‘Skillathon’ – an event from the Institute of Product Leadership, where individual’s leadership skills are tested by subjecting them to real world business problems.

The Jury was represented by UX Industry Experts and Leaders. Our presenters indeed showed how ready they were to face real world challenges. Kudos to those who won the Skill Champion Trophy and cash award.

‘IxD Process and Methodology’ Feb 2017 – Dr Ravi Poovaiah is distributing the certificate

Dr Ravi Poovaiah distributing the IxD course in IDC Mumbai

  • IxD Process and Methodology’ Workshop Week Four for VDSI 13rd to 18th February 2017
  • Alternative Design Concepts and finalizing the Concept by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Creativity Methods and Innovative Problem Solving – by Prof Ravi Poovaiah
  • Information Structuring and Ordering – Introduction to Information Theory by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Information Order and Hierarchy – by Prof Mandar Rane
  • Communication Design – Introduction to Identity, Semantics and Communication Theory Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Digital Typography By Girish Dalvi
  • Expressive Typography By G.V. Sreekumar
  • Principles of Animation and Narratives/Storytelling Prof. Phani Tetali
  • Information Visualisation By R Venkatesh
  • Introduction to Usability Studies Prof. Anirudha Josh


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With Professor Phani Tetali, IDC, IIT Mumbai
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Winner of the Designathon 2016 – iNautix

Unity together for UX is a Yearly UX meetup event by iNatutix.

I and my Verizon designers Prashanth and Rajesh participated this event. In the morning session there was an open challenge to team How to leverage the latest technologies to enhance the experience of the current tech savvy employees. So the it will become a win win situation for both employees as well as organisations.

  • Duration – 3 hours
  • Process to be followed – Design Thinking.
  • Interviewed an employee
  • Created a  persona
  • Created a user journey map – identified the pain points
  • Created a idea infographic to address each paint points with solutions
  • Created a paper prototype for mobile app + wearable gadget
  • 10 minutes presentation
  • moved to the second round
  • 3 minutes presentation
  • judges marks + live voting from participants
  • we grabbed the first price
Alfred Devanesan Samuel, UX Architect Verizon

Prize : 3000 rupees per head, Alfred Devanesan Samuel, UX Architect Verizon, Winner of iNautix 2016 Designathon

We learnt a lot from the 2 inspirational speaker

  1. Prahalad Kakkar
    Award winneing ad film director
  2. Ashley Blankette
    Head UX, BNY Mellon, Pittsburgh