Am I becoming a Terrace Garden Guru?

While COVID kept us confined to our homes, I got an opportunity to apply my creative designer mind and ideas to do terrace gardening. A clean design and planning with minimal space utilization, care, and consideration for the ecology (worms, beetles, butterflies) around, using nonharmful, organic manure, and 4 months of effort has yielded great results. You can try this too.

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This is my first harvers of a radish …

Smile proves that how happy you are…

Brinjal plants started smiling…

Tomato plants
Okra /Ladies Finger finger plants

What software can enhance researchers & students productivity? How do they have to manage their time and stress?

——————————–  Tech Talk + Motivational   ————————————

Gave a Technical and a motivational talk in Park Engineering and Tekhnology, Coimbatore as a Chief guest for a National Level Green Chemistry (Heuristic approach on nano based batteries and Green Chemistry) Conference  on 8th Feb 2019 – by Department of Chemistry.

100+ young researchers and teaching Phd’s were my audience.

Park Engineering and Tekhnology Coimbatore, India.