‘IxD Process and Methodology’ Feb 2017 – Dr Ravi Poovaiah is distributing the certificate

Dr Ravi Poovaiah distributing the IxD course in IDC Mumbai

  • IxD Process and Methodology’ Workshop Week Four for VDSI 13rd to 18th February 2017
  • Alternative Design Concepts and finalizing the Concept by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Creativity Methods and Innovative Problem Solving – by Prof Ravi Poovaiah
  • Information Structuring and Ordering – Introduction to Information Theory by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Information Order and Hierarchy – by Prof Mandar Rane
  • Communication Design – Introduction to Identity, Semantics and Communication Theory Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Digital Typography By Girish Dalvi
  • Expressive Typography By G.V. Sreekumar
  • Principles of Animation and Narratives/Storytelling Prof. Phani Tetali
  • Information Visualisation By R Venkatesh
  • Introduction to Usability Studies Prof. Anirudha Josh


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With Professor Phani Tetali, IDC, IIT Mumbai
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