Am I becoming a Terrace Garden Guru?

While COVID kept us confined to our homes, I got an opportunity to apply my creative designer mind and ideas to do terrace gardening. A clean design and planning with minimal space utilization, care, and consideration for the ecology (worms, beetles, butterflies) around, using nonharmful, organic manure, and 4 months of effort has yielded great results. You can try this too.

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This is my first harvers of a radish …

Smile proves that how happy you are…

Brinjal plants started smiling…

Tomato plants
Okra /Ladies Finger finger plants

I was a Jury member for ‘Skillathon’ – an event from the Institute of Product Leadership, Bangalore

Happy to announce that I was a Jury member for ‘Skillathon’ – an event from the Institute of Product Leadership, where individual’s leadership skills are tested by subjecting them to real world business problems.

The Jury was represented by UX Industry Experts and Leaders. Our presenters indeed showed how ready they were to face real world challenges. Kudos to those who won the Skill Champion Trophy and cash award.

What software can enhance researchers & students productivity? How do they have to manage their time and stress?

——————————–  Tech Talk + Motivational   ————————————

Gave a Technical and a motivational talk in Park Engineering and Tekhnology, Coimbatore as a Chief guest for a National Level Green Chemistry (Heuristic approach on nano based batteries and Green Chemistry) Conference  on 8th Feb 2019 – by Department of Chemistry.

100+ young researchers and teaching Phd’s were my audience.

Park Engineering and Tekhnology Coimbatore, India.

Snapdeal’s “Discount Sorting Option” – Wow feature among my test users

Recently I was conducting a user interview with 12 people. Their age group is between 15 to 55. I gave them the task of looking for a product they like and they have to place an order except the final submit (Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal). Each one was reaching their desired product in a different way. But the most of the users

  • Prefer to do a search
  • Looking for discounts
  • Offer Coupons
  • Rating
  • Positive reviews

Sorting option comparison


Amazon Snapdeal Flipkart

Customer’s happy feature is SnapDeal’s discount option in sorting and filtering area.

This particular feature is well appreciated among home makers.