What software can enhance researchers & students productivity? How do they have to manage their time and stress?

——————————–  Tech Talk + Motivational   ————————————

Gave a Technical and a motivational talk in Park Engineering and Tekhnology, Coimbatore as a Chief guest for a National Level Green Chemistry (Heuristic approach on nano based batteries and Green Chemistry) Conference  on 8th Feb 2019 – by Department of Chemistry.

100+ young researchers and teaching Phd’s were my audience.

Park Engineering and Tekhnology Coimbatore, India.

Snapdeal’s “Discount Sorting Option” – Wow feature among my test users

Recently I was conducting a user interview with 12 people. Their age group is between 15 to 55. I gave them the task of looking for a product they like and they have to place an order except the final submit (Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal). Each one was reaching their desired product in a different way. But the most of the users

  • Prefer to do a search
  • Looking for discounts
  • Offer Coupons
  • Rating
  • Positive reviews

Sorting option comparison


Amazon Snapdeal Flipkart

Customer’s happy feature is SnapDeal’s discount option in sorting and filtering area.

This particular feature is well appreciated among home makers.