Snapdeal’s “Discount Sorting Option” – Wow feature among my test users

Recently I was conducting a user interview with 12 people. Their age group is between 15 to 55. I gave them the task of looking for a product they like and they have to place an order except the final submit (Flipkart, Amazon, SnapDeal). Each one was reaching their desired product in a different way. But the most of the users

  • Prefer to do a search
  • Looking for discounts
  • Offer Coupons
  • Rating
  • Positive reviews

Sorting option comparison


Amazon Snapdeal Flipkart

Customer’s happy feature is SnapDeal’s discount option in sorting and filtering area.

This particular feature is well appreciated among home makers.

‘IxD Process and Methodology’ Feb 2017 – Dr Ravi Poovaiah is distributing the certificate

Dr Ravi Poovaiah distributing the IxD course in IDC Mumbai

  • IxD Process and Methodology’ Workshop Week Four for VDSI 13rd to 18th February 2017
  • Alternative Design Concepts and finalizing the Concept by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Creativity Methods and Innovative Problem Solving – by Prof Ravi Poovaiah
  • Information Structuring and Ordering – Introduction to Information Theory by Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Information Order and Hierarchy – by Prof Mandar Rane
  • Communication Design – Introduction to Identity, Semantics and Communication Theory Ravi Poovaiah
  • Talk: Digital Typography By Girish Dalvi
  • Expressive Typography By G.V. Sreekumar
  • Principles of Animation and Narratives/Storytelling Prof. Phani Tetali
  • Information Visualisation By R Venkatesh
  • Introduction to Usability Studies Prof. Anirudha Josh


16806962_10155122106967941_7093926033693055903_n (1)

With Professor Phani Tetali, IDC, IIT Mumbai
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How to reduce the gap between industry expectations and educational institutions syllabus

Last Saturday I attended a discussion forum with all the teaching staff of Velammal Institute of Technology, Chennai. Predominantly Computer Science + IT department professors were the target audience.


Few interesting points which came out was

  1. How to make the student study interestingly to all the subject?
  2. What courses will help them to grasp good job?
  3. What is industries R&D team infrastructure?
  4. How to inspire the students?
  5. What is the current generations students day to activities?

Android National level Workshop – National Engineering College

I gave an inspirational tech talk to students from 100 over colleges gathered in National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.

Alfred Devanesan Samuel, UX Architect, Verizon

My presentation covered a range of sub topics like

  • Latest technology trends in android
  • How to prepare themselves for the android  IT market
  • How to upgrade and keep up to date knowledge savvy
  • Corporate specific interview tips
  • Hot to make use of internet to build their online footprint
  • Why to do a real, real time project ( without buying them from a computer center)
  • Department wise software and certification courses to be learned.

After the tech talk inaugurated (launched) their portal which was exclusively built to serve student project related needs.